How many of us have drooled over cosmetics we see in magazines and online but flick it away in frustration because the chances to find the exact makeup we are looking for here are pretty slim? We do have hundreds of stores selling makeup, but the confusion that arise when choosing between competing brands and worrying over the authenticity of the products leaves many of us quite frustrated.
Fortunately, we’ve narrowed down a few spots to get your makeup wish list fulfilled.

1. Amaira Exclusive CollectionAmaira Exclusive Collection

They sell authentic products of favourite makeup brands such as MAC, Kylie Cosmetics and others. The store is located at No. 18, Ground Floor, Liberty Plaza, Colombo 03. Checkout their Facebook page.

2. The Body Shop

the body shop

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If you fall into the ethical market segment, then this brand of personal care and beauty products is likely to be your dearest. With their internationally proclaimed ethical practices and use of organic ingredients, you are likely to find numerous products addressing your beauty needs. But they are not going to come cheap.

To browse their products online: or just head over to their store at No. 1/1, Bagatale Road, Colombo 3 or at Odel Store in Alexandra Place, Colombo 7.

3. The Parfumerie

The Parfumerie

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Found in all the major shopping malls, The Parfumerie is at first sight a retailer of fragrances. But they do have cosmetics and makeup, albeit of limited brands. Have a look at their collection on

4. Fancy Stores

Fancy Stores

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Srina Palace, a beauty supply store found in various parts of Colombo such as Dehiwala, Borella, Nugegoda, Battaramulla and even at Wattala. They sell a range of makeup but beware that they are not originals most of the time, which you would know with the prices differences. This is your ideal place for personal care products, especially for bulk purchases, low priced and mid range cosmetics and make up tools.

Vishaka Mahals, Nugegoda is another great place to buy makeup if you like to choose between many options.

Instagram Boutiques

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Caution! Too many etailers selling fake makeup are out there so be careful when you choose your preference. However some Instagram sellers sell authentic products and are only too happy to help you make your pick. You might have to wait a couple of weeks until they bring down most of the products. Ensure it’s a reliable seller before you make your payments.
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