Another year has come by and gone. While some of us try to come up with New Year resolutions the more experienced of us have come to terms that New Year resolutions only stick for a few weeks, a month at most if you’re persistent. Although most tend to focus the start of a New Year with things like keeping fit and healthy, advancement career and conquering the world, which is all great but I’d like to keep things simple this year and focus on the little things that lead to great roads.

01. Meditate 

Although I’ve been meditating on and off for the past couple of years, I only recently discovered its virtues and since then I try to make it a daily habit. Meditation is the one advice I give freely to everyone, as like drinking water which is essential to your physical body, meditation is vital for your mental well-being. It helps you learn to deal with stress, give you a sense of peace and helps you control all those wayward/negative thoughts that tends to take over you once in a while. It might be difficult at the start but persist and you will truly understand what it is to be at peace with yourself.


02. Befriend yourself

For the longest time I had no idea what the phrase ‘befriend yourself’ truly meant. I liked myself well enough but I never understood the importance of befriending yourself and accepting yourself as you are. If we are capable of extending that acceptance to our family, friends and lovers, why do we find it so hard to do it for ourselves? And in that same light, how do we expect others to accept us when we can’t extend that courtesy to ourselves? Whether it’s that wobbly fat roll in our tummy or that crooked nose we eternally obsess over, we fail to realize that we will be the only friends we have at every point and direction of our lives, so why not accept ourselves and make that journey harmonious instead of an isolated one.


03. Spread kindness

Over the years I’ve constantly been wondering between the choice of being great at something I love or being happy, what I would choose. At times I’ve chosen happiness and at times I was adamant on being great. But last year I realized that given those two choices if I wanted to be known for something, I’d rather be known as someone who is kind. The world has taken a very ugly turn over the years and I don’t think it needs more great people but it surely needs more kind people who are willing to forgive and forget and most importantly come above hate. Be kind and spread kindness, although you may think it might not be enough you will be the start of a wave of change.


04. Create your own happiness

You are the creator of your own happiness and it should never be dependent on anyone or anything else. Yes, we love our partners, friends and family but it is not their job to make us or keep us happy. If we are unable to create our own happiness that is a weakness in ourselves as opposed to being someone else’s fault. The sooner we realize that it is all within us and relies on us, being happy becomes so much easier.


I hope these tips help you and your journey through life as it has helped me over the past year. May this year bring you everything you wish and hope for!

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