Dandruff is never a fun thing. No, scratch that (pun intended): it’s sometimes fun when you’re on your own and you just want to watch that snowfall on your shoulders in private. However, it’s not that fun when you want to be presentable out in public. Here are five irritating things about dandruff:

1. The itching

That annoying, never-ending, feeling where all you want to do is just scratch, scratch, scratch your head all day. It’s oddly satisfying; but constantly having to go at it is a great way to let the world know you have a problem.


2. You find yourself checking on your shoulders all the time

What? Dead, white skin there again? Didn’t you wipe that all off just minutes ago?

Dead, white skin

3. Trying to brush off those flakes from your clothes

We try to clean up, but it’s like some of these fabrics just seem love permanently welcoming that ‘snow’ in their midst.

flakes from your clothes

4. Realizing your giving the class/office clown more material on you

God, karma and/or coincidence forbid you run into them with your flakes on full shoulder display.


5. Wishing you have more lighter coloured tops

You start shunning black and all sorts of dark coloured clothes. You think you need to invest in more whites and lighter colours. Then you start realising that you should just invest in getting rid of the actual problem. lighter coloured tops

There’s a lot more we could add to this list. We’ve all had our dandruff battles. It’s more fun talking about it when it sbehind us though, so– you get what we’re getting at. If you have a problem, don’t let the dandruff stay, there’s lots of ways to chase it away.

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