One of the mistakes many of us ladies living in tropical nations make is thinking we don’t need to pay attention to our skin care. Since we don’t face hard winters, this part of our beauty routine is often skipped on giving us trouble later down the line.

Your skin care routine is just as important as any other part and it is important to have to right tools to make sure you have fresh, glowing and gorgeous skin no matter what. Here are my 5 must haves to help make sure that happens.

Protect Your Skin

01. Sunscreen

I cannot say this enough ladies! Sunscreen protects you from the harsh UV rays of the sun which can do some serious damage to your skin. Just mix it into your usual moisturizer, or foundation. You can event get a moisturizing sunscreen which cuts your routine and ensures that you don’t have sun-damaged skin.

Face Scrub

02. Face Scrub

In warner or more tropical countries, dust and sweating is a-plenty. This means that there is often a build-up of oils and dirt on your face which can cause issues. Get a mild face scrub and use it no more than 3 times a week in the evenings to help remove this build up and keep your skin clean. Don’t use your regular body scrubs since this has larger particles and can damage the delicate skin on your face.

Night Cream

03. Night Cream

Yes, I know these sounds like such an auntie product, but trust me! Your skin relaxes at night and repairs itself, and a good hydrating night cream can help prevent wrinkles and keep your skin soft and supple. Use it particularly around your eyes, near your mouth and at your temples where wrinkles often form and help smoothen it all out

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