First remember – colour is everything! Bright colours and white draw attention to your chest, while dark shades and pastels will slim it down. If you would like to draw less attention to your top then go for darker colours and pair it with bright bottoms.


Try loose soft materials that flow as opposed to tight materials that cling. The kind of pleated material used on peasant blouses, soft cottons, thin jerseys, and linen are the way to go. Think of materials that skim over the skin and don’t make you feel suffocated.

Necklines and waistlines

Necklines can make or break the illusion you want to create. Round necklines hug the chest, while square sits over them. A deep, plunging neck paired with a slip under the top or dress is less attention grabbing than one that hovers over the cleavage. Off shoulder tops and dresses are great and very on trend right now. Avoid empire waistlines or dresses that tie under your boobs. Focus on this that skim over that area and hug the hips instead.

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