Saris aren’t as ubiquitous as they were a couple of decades ago, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who wraps meters of cloth around themselves just to go grocery shopping, but as occasions to wear a sari become rarer, the excitement that comes with dressing up in one becomes greater! When you’ve got a gorgeous sari on, the next thing is to pick a hairstyle to really set the whole outfit off. Here are some styles to consider.

sari hairstyles

#Turn up the volume!

Keeping your hair loose after a good blow drying session is an easy, modern and sassy way to wear your hair. This style is perfect for hair flips, looks very glamourous if its messy and rather sophisticated if sleek and can almost serve as a second fall!

sari hairstyles

# Demure side braid

Weaving your hair into a side braid is a sweet and pretty style, allowing you to show off the fall of your sari as well. You can also wear clips or jewellery in your hair, turning it into a statement. Pushing flowers into the braid itself or accessorising with a lovely clasp at the end of your braid can really take your entire outfit to the next level.

sari hairstyles

# Low chignon

For a more chic look, a low, loose chignon is a traditional twist on the regular bun. You can also pull and curl strands of your hair out to frame your face – doing this will soften the look and will look soft and romantic. Pairing this hairstyle with a strong lip is great for a night time event.

low chin hair style

# Boho half ponytail

If you’re a little more carefree, then a half up and half down style should suit you. You can gently curl your hair into soft waves (or if you already have them, that’s awesome!) and then scoop half your hair up into a ponytail, or you can wind it into a bun. For an even softer look, just take two strands of hair from both sides of your face and clip them into place at the back of your head with a bobby pin or hair accessory.

boho hair style

# Short and free!

If you have short hair, you actually have a lot of options! Curling/Straightening/Even braids! All of the above hairstyles apply as well, and short hair with a sari gives you a great opportunity to show off a killer pair of earrings!

saree hair style for short hair

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