Kelly Felder

Price Range Rs 3000 – 4000 (quite reasonable given the quality and stitch)
Waist size 27 upwards
Variation in styles, including a number of high waisted and ripped jeans
Good fitting rooms, although relatively small
The fit? Quite nice as it fits well in the right places. A 7 out of 10

kelly felder

Cotton Collection

Hashtag Jeans

Price Range 2400 – 2700
From size 26 upwards
Relatively new brand so colours and sizes are limited. However, they have a few different styles including jeggings
Good fitting rooms with ample light
The fit? Can be improved as the material can be quite flimsy. A 5 out of 10

cotton collection

LiCC Jeans

Price range – 2300 – 3500
Waist size from 26 upwards
Limited number of styles which includes skinny jeans, and a small number of high waisted jeans.
Good fitting rooms with ample light
The fit? Really comfortable and sits well on the waist. The jeans however might stretch with time so wash with care. A 7.5 out of 10

LiCC Jeans


Price Range 3500 – 3700
From UK 6 available (Sizes are not quite right, one size smaller than regular UK sizes)
Variation in colours and styles
Good fitting rooms
The fit? Looks quite good when worn and has good value for money. A 7 out of 10

Pepe Jeans

Price range 6000 – 9000
From size 26 upwards
Variation in colours and styles. Skinny, straight cut and boyfriends jeans are the most common styles here.
Good fitting rooms
The fit? Sits quite well and although on the pricey end of the spectrum look fabulous once worn. A 9 out of 10.

pepe jeans

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