Tattoos have really become more than just a fashion. The trend that initially started off as a “hip” thing to do has now shifted towards self-expression and permanent body art.
Getting inked could be a daunting process. From picking the right artist to settling on a design, the process is exhilarating and exhausting. To make it a little easier for you, here are some of the safest spots in Sri Lanka to get your ink done from.


Dimmu Fernando Tattoos – Realty Plaza Jaela

Any ink enthusiast with well healed tattoos which look good will tell you that research is the key to getting a great piece done. If you check for the best artists in Sri Lanka, Dimmu Fernando is a name that will always remain at the top of the list. Dimmu does neat, high quality masterpieces which are gorgeous to the point of absolute perfection. His working environment is equally clean and everything is well thought of, right up to the aftercare.

Realty Plaza Jaela

Living Art Tattoos – Roshan Rodrigo – Bambalapitiya

Roshan Rodrigo is the owner of Living Art Tattoos and was formerly based in Mount Lavinia before he recently moved to Bambalapitiya, quite close to MC. His reputation in the field exceeds 10 years and he does clean work with great quality ink for reasonable prices. Roshan is easy to work with and will create detailed tattoos according to what you tell him. His work ethic is very transparent and professional which means, that you won’t feel intimidated or weird.

Living Art Tattoos

Ravi Tattoos – Kandy

Out of Colombo, yes, but Ravi does some great skin art for very reasonable prices. It is not uncommon for many of his clients to travel all the way from Colombo to Kandy, just to get inked, which says a lot. You can browse through his portfolio on his Facebook and Instagram pages, and rest assured he will give you the right aftercare advice and work with you in a very professional manner to achieve your dream ink masterpiece.

P.S – The most important part of getting a tattoo is to know that you’re in control. You’re paying. It’s your skin. If you don’t think something is right, speak up. If you are not comfortable, let them know. If you feel intimidated, just don’t. Tattooists are just like every other person too. Be nice. Be wise and be in control.

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