Skin gets super dry when it’s hot, even if you’re keeping yourself hydrated. Sunburn can mean that the skin on your nose, hands and legs can start peeling. The damaged skin is simply flaking so that new skin can emerge from beneath but the process can be annoying because your skin might become itchy and prone to further peeling.

 Peeling Skin

Luckily, our weather means that when it’s hot it’s also quite humid, and even though that means extra sweat, it also means that the dryness of our skin will be off-set a little bit by the water in the air. However, we still need to drink as much water as possible. Soak the area that’s peeling in hot water for a few minutes and apply moisturizing cream, oil or aloe vera on the area afterwards so that you keep the moisture locked in.

Peeling Skin

If it’s your hands that are peeling, try to get into a routine before you go to sleep. Soak your hand in hot water (you can add aloe vera and honey to this) and apply hand cream, massaging your fingers gently before you go to sleep.

For a peeling nose, hold a washcloth that’s been dipped in warm water and let it sit on your nose for a while, then slather on some cream and refrain from touching your nose.
Try not to wash often with anti-bacterial soap, as it can irritate and make your skin even dryer when its sensitive. Ironically, washing your hands too much can intensify the peeling so refrain from doing that too.

 peelingAlso, remember to apply sunscreen before you go out! Apply it liberally onto your face and neck, as well as legs and arms. It will block some of the damaging rays of the sun, and lessen the peeling that will happen.

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