If you’ve ever studied the basics of painting, as most of us do at some point in school, we learn that mixing colours is nothing short of a science. As you delve deeper into this fascinating art, you realise that colours have relationships with one another – some complement each other (examples) and others shouldn’t be put next to each other unless you are Mother Nature defying the rules (blue and green). So when you change the colour of your hair, don’t forget that this affects your wardrobe too, as well as your makeup!

hair colors

Matching your wardrobe to your hair can mean many things – from blending in to creating a contrast. Wearing colours that are close to yours (like blues and pinks if you have purple hair) will create a lovely blend, but this does not always work as red hair can look awful when paired with pink (though you can make it work!) Take a look at the colour wheel below. Colours that are opposite to each other are complementary colours, and they can work very well together. Case in point: Red hair with a green wardrobe!

color wheel

Some colours are warm and others are cold, and this can help you look brighter or can work against your complexion to make you look sallow and muted. Warm colours respond well to warm hair but pairing warm toned clothes with cool hair can be very striking, and cool toned clothes can really sing against warm coloured hair!

Of course colours alone aren’t enough, you also have to look out for shades, as pairing pastel shades with dark colours can be a little tricky. Black and white are universally appropriate, and white hair with black can be pretty outstanding. A little trick could be pairing pastel hair with dark clothing to make a statement, and pastel hair with pastel coloured clothing to give off a more casual or boho vibe. Dark hair looks best with dark clothing, but pairing it with pastel shades can take off the edge.

The colour of your clothes and makeup, might not seem like a big deal at first, but they can help you really pull together your new look, and can keep you feeling fabulous about your new do.

hair color

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