Split ends are the worst. Whether you’ve got short hair that floats around your chin or long hair that sweeps past your shoulders, having stubbly, brittle ends is an awful mess to see and feel at the ends of your hair.

split ends

Split ends are what happens when the outer layer of your hair wears down, leaving it dry and vulnerable to breakage. This happens when you shampoo too much or brush your hair too vigorously, failing to condition or take care of your hair. Sure you can just cut the ends off, but is that the only answer?

hair split ends

# Trim

The obvious answer is a trim. It’s a quick and sure-fire way to get rid of the pesky split ends but it’s not going to prevent them happening again, and if you’re trying to grow your hair then a haircut feels like a compromise.

hair trim

# Invest in a good shampoo

A shampoo that addresses the need to fortify the outer layer of your hair follicles will do double work – clean your hair while not stripping away its natural strength. Try to look for a shampoo/conditioning combo that will protect your hair from breakage.

Invest in a good shampoo

# Try natural remedies

Surely our mothers had a point when they got us to put coconut oil on our hair when we were younger? A variety of oils – from coconut, olive, avocado, rosemary, argan, avocado – can soften the hair follicle making it less brittle, and smoothen the hair so that it isn’t prone to split ends. Lightly coating your hair with an oil 2 – 3 times a week and washing it off in an hour (or after sleeping with it in) should help.Try natural remedies

# Start using hair masks

Hair masks are a more in depth solution to split ends, and you can use them about once a week. Find a mask that you can make – perhaps avocado, egg, honey and the like – and apply it to your hair and keep it on for the required amount of time. After a few weeks of using a mask, your hair should be looking noticeably smoother!

hair masks

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