1. Colours

Choose colourful clothes that don’t look boring or daunty such as lighter hues of pinks, yellows and blues. Colours can make your fashion sense more fun and bring out the joy of your pregnancy period.

Clothing for the Baby Bump

You can slay in an all-black outfit too. From a body con dress to the overcoat to shoes, black is always royal and regal.

2. Prints

Opt for bold printed clothing, which makes the baby bump appear smalle.

printsHorizontal striped tops are cool choices.

3. Accessories

Bold jewellery balances out the bump. Statement necklaces, a chic pair of glasses, and other accessories add to a personalised look. It deviates the attention away from the bump.

Add a narrow belt on tops and dresses above the belly to show off the cute round shape of the baby bump.

AccessoriesFlats and slippers with details makes the footwear not only safer but also more attractive to complement simplistic clothing choices.

4. Dresses

Layered clothing is comfortable while not exposing the bump too much. Pick figure hugging dresses with oversized cardigans and overcoats.dresses

Dresses with a high waistline or flowy and fitted at the belly accentuates bumps just as an A-line dress with a seam below the bust.

Pencil skirts paired with heels adds a perfect stylish appeal.Pencil skirt

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