Given the chaotic rush that is life, which we’ve all gotten accustomed to – our skin however will always require a significant amount of time and attention. Irrespective of the way in which we take care of our skin, the problem of dry skin can be recurrent especially with certain skin types or given certain weather conditions. Try these methods the next time your skin feels scaly and dry.

Away with the dry skin!

  1. Keep it cool and short. Hot showers will strip the natural oil from your skin further, so switch it up and consider going in for a cold or warm shower that doesn’t span for more than 10 mins. cold or warm showe2. Use a mild cleanser when you shower, and avoid scrubbing too hard when exfoliating as this may irritate the skin even further. Avoid using products consisting of alcohol and anti bacterial soaps, as these cause skin to dry even further.mild cleanser3. Ease up on the shaving. As your skin is already dry, shaving will scrape off natural oils and irritate your skin. If you do shave, do so after a shower with the use of shaving creams or gels.. Hydrate4. Hydrate. Water should be your remedy for everything! Hydrating throughout the day results in healthier looking skin. Thus, even when your skin is dry, drinking plenty of water helps revitalize it making your skin look fresher.Moisturize5. Moisturize. Finding the right moisturizer is important to keep your skin from drying. Additionally, a good moisturizer will also help heal and repair dried skin to its former glory.Protect and prevent6. Protect and prevent. The tropical heat and harsh sunlight is one we cannot escape. Thus, using sunscreen is key in both protecting your dry skin from further damage and preventing any damage to your skin. Using a strong sunscreen is important in maintaining healthier looking skin so don’t skip this morning routine!
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